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Job submitted: Jan. 9, 2018, 2:14 p.m.
Job completed: Jan. 9, 2018, 9:18 a.m.

Mutations were evaluated using ELASPIC v0.1.38.
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Final ΔΔG
The final Gibbs free energy change (ΔΔG) in kcal/mol is predicted using more than 70 sequential, molecular and energetic features, using the Stochastic Gradient Boosting of Decision Trees algorithm.
For more information see the original publication.
Protein Mutation Type Template Seq iden Align score Model ΔGwt(FoldX) ΔGmut(FoldX) ΔΔG
 Q16595A107V Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1483.210774.295860.077
 Q16595F109L Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1482.930894.217361.227
 Q16595S161I Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1481.893562.215430.436
 Q16595S181F Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1483.134372.826080.952
 Q16595D104G Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1483.037143.213950.752
 Q16595Y123S Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1482.912217.885444.734
 Q16595S202F Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1483.282382.890.373
 Q16595W173C Core 3s4m_A1.0001.000-2.1482.28185.825874.059

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